Project Description

Art-ish stuff and statements..

Random mix of some non-comercial posters I have created. Most of them are based on a impulsive thoughts, a specific cause or idea. Some are intended for NGOs. but I have removed logos to make the message stand out more clear.

If you can use one or more of them, feel free to contact me.

Anti plastic campaign

This is a draft to an awareness campaign about protecting the seas from plastic waste. I haven’t contacted any potential partners for the project yet, but 4Ocean, Greenpeace and Plastic Change could be the potential senders of the campaign.

Love / hate duality

In Denmark the most used murder weapon is the knife. Mean while most murders are committed by close relatives to the victim. 

Art hack: How do we want to be remembered?

These posters are a comment to the handling of the Syrian refugee crisis. The boy Alan Kudi, who was found on a beach in Italy became a symbol of the crisis. I have combined Alan Kudi with famous Danish paintings to visualize and emphasize the passivity of European leaders and governments. I have mirrored the paintings vertically to place Alan Kudi nearby the golden section. The original artwork was created by the Danish artist Peder Severin Krøyer.

Ai Weiwei

Response to when Lego’s refused to sell Lego bricks to Ai WeiWei to use in his famous art project, where he portrayed 176 activists and political prisoners. However, Lego later on changed their policy and decided to sell to Ai Weiwei any way. Theses posters were created during the conflict between Ai Weiwei and Lego.

Weapons of World Word III: Suicide for one

New Weapon design for ISIL, Al-Queda and Taliban.

Let’s Work Together


Concept development, improved user experience or just stunning graphics? I’m your guy!