Project Description

The intelligent day-to-day pill box concept

How to improve patient safety in clinical trials?

More than 170.000 persons participate in clinical trials every year worldwide and the global market for clinical trials estimated to 500 billion DKK / year.
This concept aims to improve phase 2-4 trials involving patients who have a need for pills, capsules and tablets + additional OTCs.
A very important part of clinical trials is to eliminate all the factors that are not a part of the treatment, to make the trial so reliable as possible.

But unfortunately the compliance rate is difficult to measure, because it all relies on patient trust. Patients forgets to take their medicine, or the staff forgets to give the right medicine at the right time. Often the medicine is stored incorrectly, increasing the risk of decay, which might have fatal consequences for the patients health, and might be life threatening. This concept aims to improve compliance by using an intelligent day-to-day pill box, that stores the usage of the pillbox and warns the patient and stakeholders during the trials. The concept was created with help from IdemoLab at Delta – part of FORCE Technology, The Danish Medicines Agency and Rigshospitalet.

Thorough user research was a major part of the project, and I conducted interviews and usability tests with the different stakeholders  involved to map out pain points, risks and the overall process of a clinical phase-3 trial. At this page I have added some of the infographics from the research phase and mockups of the final solution.


Concept development, UX, digital design


DELTA – (FORCE Technology)
The Danish Medicines Agency (DMA)
Cardiological Research Unit, Rigshospitalet

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Process of a phase-3 clinical trials

Based on research, interviews with clinical staff at Rigshospitalet, inspectors at The Danish Medicines Agency I mapped out the process of a clinical phase 3-trial. The red marks are pain points and potential threats.

Persona of a phase-3 patient

A persona was created based on research of the target group and previous conducted interviews with patients.

Feature map for evaluation and usability test

To clarify and determine the most important and crucial features, I designed a feature map to discuss with the clinical staff at Rigshospitalet.

Design criteria for the concept

Based on the research and expert interviews, I was able to define the design criteria for the concept.

Infographic of the concept

This infographic is a simple visualization of the overall concept.

User journey

To visualize how the concept is used, I created a simple user journey. The user journey was also a help to present the features of the concept for the clinical staff at Rigshospitalet.

Components for the 1. iteration of the pillbox prototype

Overview of the components that should be used for the first iteration of the prototype.

Proof of concept

This prototype was created to validate the concept for the clinical staff and for presentation purposes.

D2D app: Login screen

D2D app: Core features

D2D app: Mixed screens

D2D app: Add relatives

D2D app: Performance

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