Project Description

Do you put your life at stake?

 – a lifestyle campaign targeted millennials


13.000 Danes dies every year because of smoking. For years the curve has been going down, but since 2013 the number of smokers in the age 16 – 45 years old has increased. This concept is a campaign that aims to create awareness and to motivate and engage smokers to quit smoking, and at the same time prevent people to start in the first place. The concept’s promotes a healthy lifestyle and the potential risks the target group is facing, in relation to cigarettes, alcohol, unhealthy food etc.

The solution
The idea is to handout playing cards like the car cards that were very popular in the 1970s and 1980s, where the users compete against each other with the car’s weight, price, speed  etc. Instead of cars, the users compete against each other with lifestyle diseases and disorders. The playing cards can cover areas such as alcohol abuse, drug addiction, unprotected sex, sun exposure, unhealthy food etc. The users compete in categories like mortality, number of deaths per. year, number of survivors after 5 years, annual costs for the state etc. The cards also provides information and facts about the particular disorder. The cards can be used as regular playing cards as well. The effect is expected to be significant because the users are confronted with facts about smoking, drugs, unprotected sex etc.  while playing blackjack, drinking games or  Whist with their parents, opening for discussion about a healthy lifestyle.


Graphic Design, Concept Development, Marketing

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