Project Description

Car sharing concept – The Airb’n’b of car sharing

Car sharing is becoming a more and more attractive option for people living in the bigger cities. The users can utilize the benefit of using a private car without struggling with the costs and responsibilities such as, insurance, taxes etc. The number of car sharing providers is increasing and car sharing can lead to less traffic, less pollution and greener cities. However, it is difficult for the average user to find the car they need, because every car sharing service has its own booking platform.

The solution
Get a Car improves the user experience for the end-user, improves benefits for the rentees and makes the car sharing more transparent. Get a Car lets the user rent a car across + 20 car sharing vendors with one single sign-up and one single sign-in.

This project was created in collaboration with:  Rikke Fjord Thomsen, Katrine Rosendahl Hayden, Liv van Heuden and Kasper Munk Jensen.


Graphic Design, UX, Concept Development, Digital Design, Marketing, branding


Bianca Gordon
Katrine Hayden
Kasper Munk Jensen
Liv Van Heusden
Rikke Fjord Thomsen

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User journeys of Free Floating and Peer-2-Peer car sharing users

Car sharing providers: Types and target model to map out the competition in the field

The solution: Get-A-Car: The Air’b’n’b for car sharing

1. Out of market – Never used car sharing before 
The user has never used car sharing before, but has only tried alternative transportation options: bike, bus, train, metro etc.

2. Trigger – in need of car sharing
The user is triggered when the user is in need of transportation in certain situations: When he/she is waiting for the bus, is going to IKEA, going to the airport, planning a weekend trip, when the bike tire is flat and the user is late for a meeting

3. Initial Consideration – exposed to ads
In this phase 75% of the users are only ”listening” and not ”acting”(Bjerregaard-Knudsen, p. 8), so it is important to leave a footprint in the user’s mind. The users are reached through multiple channels to ensure the users will think of Get a Car when they need transportation. To accomplish this, outdoor branding is strategically placed around Berlin, where the users need transportation.

4. Active evaluation
Get a car has been exposed to the user through the different channels and now the user takes action. The user will research on car sharing, and realize car sharing is a reasonable alternative to buying or leasing a car. Google’s search results will provide the user with a lot of different car sharing options in Berlin. The user will notice that only one sign-up is necessary to access 25+ car sharing vendors. For returning visitors remarketing is used to make a personalized message based on the user’s actions from the previous visit.

5. Purchase decision
The user might already have discussed the app with friends, who uses car sharing in Berlin, or asked for recommendations. The app is launched in the summer, but in autumn and winter outdoor marketing is used more aggressively, because we want to reach the customers when they really need to get a car, or at least are tired of standing in the rain, sleet and snow, while waiting for a bus or taxi. Beside of promoting the convenience, flexibility and low price, we also make sure to promote how car sharing contribute to a greener and more sustainable world.

6. Experience – keep the customer satisfied
The user has downloaded the app and has made the first booking of a car. In this phase we have to keep the user satisfied, otherwise the process will starts all over, but it will be harder to reach a user who have had a bad experience. The app provides the user with information about where to park nearby the end destination. The user will receive a message after ended trip: ”Thank you for using Get a Car – together we are creating a greener future!” The user is asked to rate the car sharing vendor and overall service to improve the user experience for other users, but also to make the users feel that their opinions matters.

 7. Loyalty
If the user is satisfied with the car sharing experience, we expect the user to use the app again for other situations where the user needs transportation. People tend to trust recommendations from friends and family (The Nielsen Company), so we aim to make the users ambassadors for Get A Car, taking advantage of word-of-mouth marketing. To keep the brand relevant for the target group, ads and messages in the branding material can be more etchy and funny in this phase, and less about the main functions of the platform.

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