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Unlike what you might think, the Danish phenomenon “hygge”, is not defined by candlelights, soft blankets in front of the fire stove and hot cocoa. Hygge is about enjoying time together with your loved ones.  And yes, also in your living room in front of the fire stove, but especially outside under the open sky. But unfortunately we have a problem in Denmark; rain, snow, wind or degrees below 10 degrees Celcius are factors that interrupts with the Danish “Hygge”. 

We want to bring people back together, and bring the “Hygge” outside – even when its cold – 365 days a year. That is the background for TheHeatSeat™.
TheHeatSeat is a brand new Danish invention, that aims to improve outdoor life 365 days a year. Unlike any electric alternative, TheHeatSeat™ does not require electricity or any power supply. After use, you just boil it for 15 minutes, and it will be ready for use again. In this project I have contributed to the product development, packaging design, visual identity, webdesign, sales material, video content; promotion videos, infomercials and more. 


Graphic Design, Concept Development, Visual identity, Packaging design, Branding



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Why is TheHeatSeat™ the solution?

  • Effective: It last for several hours
  • Durable: It can be used +500 times
  • Sustainable: Does not require battery or electricity
  • Suitable for everyone: It is nontoxic
  • Sturdy: It is delivered in a durable and waterproof pouch, making it perfect for outdoor activities in water, snow and dust
  • Perfect for outdoor activities: a must if you enjoy the nature or just want to extent the outdoor life 365. Our beloved customers are campers, festival goers, hunters, fishers, café goers, skiers,
  • Reactivate: When you have used TheHeatSeat, you just boil it for 15 minutes, and THS will be reactivated, and ready for use again and again and again.

It is delivered in a durable and waterproof pouch, making it perfect for outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, hanging out in the park, camping, music festivals and any other outdoor activity.

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