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Nordisk Film App proposal

How do we engage and attract young millennials to the Danish cinemas, and can we utilize the data for future branding strategies?

The everyday life of millennials, is greatly influenced by digital solutions on their smartphones, -watches, -TV’s etc. It is a struggle for companies to engage the younger generations, because the behavior of the users changes rapidly. Today we don’t just talk about the 2nd  screen; We try to implement 3rd, 4th and maybe even a 5th screen. The changes also reveals a lot of opportunities to engage the younger generation through the digital world, by easing the way they interact with public systems, education and so on.

We have developed a solution that creates new business opportunities by engaging the target group, while utilizing the user data.  The solution allows users to see which of their friends, who has shown interest in the same movie as they prefer, by tracking the users behavior on SoMe channels, and by the preferences they have defined them self; Genres, actors, minimum IMDB ratings etc. The user receives notifications if one or more of their friends have shown interest to see the same movie.

After the cinema experience, the user receives a notification that encourages the user to rate the movie and to share the experience on optional channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Joddle etc.

By tracking the user’s preferences, the cinemas are able to create direct marketing, by customizing advertisements to different segments by using thousands of data combinations; E.g. by combining preferences; favorite actors, genres, IMDB rating, premieres, screen time, length, language etc.

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